Integrated Connections For Seamless Solutions!

MyTPA Interactive Features

Hassle Free Registration

Registration made simple!

By using QR Code through passing the mobile to clinic staff  and you are done!

Save the Earth!

Our system is fully cloud based system. Let's save the earth by reducing more papers!

Quick Settlement

All payments is made once the details are verified. In doubt? You will surprise with  answers from our current panels!


Need to add more?

Yes, sure! Our competent in-house developer will do it for you

No Hidden Charges


MyTPA believes in integrity and honesty! Pay only what is charged!

Comprehensive Dasboard

Report? Current data analysis?

Just log in into your dashboard and everything is ready for you!

Data Automation & Integration

Headache? Too many administrative works to be done? Let MyTPA does the job. All data is in your hands!

User Friendly

The provided mobile application & admin dashboard are simpler than you scrolling the Facebook. Trust me.




All you need to do is to contact us and return with a completed checklist! We have made it easy for you!

Transparent Business

Afraid of sudden charges? Who doesn't right? Fell safe!. MyTPA will never charge without our clients' consent on any services offered!

Hassle Free Queues

No more waiting in the line to register. Registers using QR Code, seat-back and just waiting for your turn!

Integrated Solutions

With MyTPA, everything is integrated to one onother! What if some of it is not? Worry not! We will customize it for you!





All you need to do is to fill in simple forms and return it with a completed checklist!

We have made it easy for you!

No Hidden Charges

Afraid of fee splitting charges?

Don't worry! With MyTPA you will get based on what you claim.

It is our promise!

Medical Supply

Worrying about recent price hike in medicine and medical equipment? Don't worry!

Request to order it and let us do the talking!

Extra Opportunities

Want to expand your business? Need more numbers to come?

Don't worry!

Tell us and we will do it for you!



Easy Application

All you need to do is to fill in simple forms and return it with a completed checklist!

We have made it easy for you!

More Businesses

Want to expand your market? Afraid of uncertainty? Don't Worry!

Let's talk and make more businesses!

Larger Network

The ability to penetrate large network is always challenging.

Let's walk together!

Shall we?

Why MyTPA?

Supported by dedicated team and with in-house system development and developers, and prior to extensive R&D in the healthcare management and its ecosystem, we believe MyTPA is able to deliver its services to support and deliver effective,  transparent and profitable solutions for our corporate clients, healthcare practitioners and its medical suppliers!

Want to digitize your healthcare management?

Contact us now and we surely will get to you soon!

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